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so here’s a bunch of extracts from articles praising raúl esparza:


  • The actor’s presence collects a feverish response best described as an collective orgasm.”
  • "Given the subliminal intensity that hums through Mr. Esparza’s deadpan presence, you sense that flood warnings should probably be posted."
  • "Mr. Esparza is generally a pyrotechnic actor, sending sparks and smoke all over the place."
  • "…-his passion so persuasive it made you rethink the notion of going too far. When you have the discipline, confidence and hair-trigger emotional volatility Mr. Esparza has at his fingertips, too far is exactly where you should go."
  • "As the flimflammer in the mirror-ball jacket at the center of all of this, Esparza is full of the devil. He pushes his vocals to the roof, sometimes squeezing his pipes into Patti LaBelle squeals. He stalks the stage with pursed lips and the look-at-me swagger of Mick Jagger. Esparza goes big, bold and a little buggy, but he’s never boring."
  • "Chief among them is Esparza, a devilishly sexy showman who hard-sells emotional intensity like few others"
  • "the seductive Raúl Esparza, a Broadway star whose energy is as fierce as his talent"
  • "Raul Esparza sizzles like a firecracker"
  • "There’s something wonderfully dirty about the thirty-nine-year-old Cuban-American actor Raúl Esparza. He’s a leading man who is expert at infusing his roles with illicit feelings, and he can also bring a perverse cuddliness and joy to his gloomy characters."
  • "Any concerns that Raúl Esparza might be too dynamic a performer for the role of Bobby, who more or less functions as a blank slate upon which the neuroses of his friends and lovers are writ, are dispelled by this extraordinary actor’s expertly calibrated performance. He underplays the part with offhand humor and the occasional wry observation until the penultimate scene; when this Bobby shouts "Stop!" to finally silence the nattering of his married friends, it’s a primal scream from the soul, so violent and seemingly throat-searing that Esparza’s subsequent, gorgeous singing of the cathartic "Being Alive" is all the more astounding. "
  • "Rare is the performer labeled a force of nature. A force of nature is dynamic, electric and totally unpredictable, in a positive way. Actor/singer Raul Esparza is a true force of nature,"

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Hannibal: the Musical at SDCC

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Dear you,
Anonymous whispered: Can we see pictures of your toys/strapon? For... science reasons?

haha well i would gladly do so if i actually had toys/a strapon to speak of… :p as it stands i don’t currently own any fun kinky things other than my riding crop, which i’ve shown on here before

but thank you for asking hon! <333


Could this man be any more adorable. 

He is so genuinely overwhelmed by the response he received and so happy.

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feelin pretty hella


Raúl Esparza
(doing amazing things with his amazing body parts)

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Robert Downey Jr. attends the Marvel Studios panel during Comic-Con International 2014

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I sing the body electric.


i come in here with a picture of two kids and you think i wanna buy a bag of fucking chips? 

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Sleepy Hollow season 2 clip

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I queued this in December I’ve been waiting six months

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Is He In Love With You In A Really Creepy Obsessive Way, Or Is He Just A World Class Consulting Detective? A Gameshow Featuring Sherlock Holmes and Marcus Bell

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